List of Questions I would ask Marissa Meyer if I bothered having a Twitter


1. Did the American Republic throw out the Constitution and rewrite a whole new set of laws and government to better serve the nations that joined the Union?

2. Why did Australia and India leave the English Commonwealth?

3. Does the Eastern Commonwealth operate under a dominion system similar to the English Commonwealth (United Kingdom) with each country that makes up the E.C. pledging allegiance to the Emperor, but retaining their national independence (I can’t think of the word to better describe this) while allowing the Emperor and topic government officials represent them on the international level?

4. How did the United Kingdom get Ireland to join it?

5. This will be a dumb question, but I’ll ask it anyways. Why is Egypt part of the African Union when it’s more closely associated with the Middle East? (Yes, I know Egypt is part of Africa, but do the people feel like they’re African? I don’t know any Egyptian who regards him- or herself as African.)

6. How does the African Union even work?

7. Can the African Union properly patrol its own borders within its provinces and prevent human and animal trafficking?

8. Did the African Union stop the Sahara from growing and manage to shrink it?

9. Does religion exist anymore in the Lunar Chronicles, or have people accepted the differences of religions and thus respect them with equal regard to their own religion?

10. What happened to the Vatican? Does the Pope still live? (I feel like they’d nuke the Vatican during WWIV as a source of political power.)

11. How did Russia manage to join the European Federation?

12. How have the countries that loathe Russia due to hundreds of years of oppression and exploitation agree to stay in the E.F.?

13. Just Russia?

14. Did anyone find Atlantis yet?

15. Through what methods did European monarchs abdicate their thrones? (Family lines died out? Voter referendum? Monarch’s choice?)

16. Did China manage to restore its bamboo forests? If so, were they destroyed during WWIII and WWIV? If they were, did the E.C. re-restore them?

17. Has the gene for red hair survived from being bred out of the human race because of sperm and egg banks? (Scientists says red hair will eventually disappear.)

18. Is Michelle Benoit a brunette? (I imagine her as a brunette because her hair aged gray instead of blonde. Stoic from How to Train Your Dragon 2, his fiery locks went blond instead of gray, which made me happy to see.)

19. Is Logan Tanner and Scarlet’s mother gingers?

20. Is it possible for Scarlet to have unknown half-siblings from both parents? (Her father from numerous affairs I suspect while her mother probably remarried a good person and started a new family?)

21. Scarlet’s mother is alive, right?

22. Did Ze’ev’s parents have more children after Ran was drafted for the Queen’s Army?

23. What happened to Ze’ev’s parents? Are they alive and okay? Did Levana have her soldiers punish them for Ze’ev’s defection from the army? (I’m assuming Levana would know by now after the events of Scarlet and Cress.)

24. Is Cress’ mother alive?

25. Cinder will name her firstborn daughter Peony, right?

26. What kind of net-dramas do they have in the future? Do they all speak Universal to reach all audiences?

27. What is the layout of Luna? Does it consist of provinces based on original colony placements?

28. What was Cyprus Blackburn’s ethnicity? Was he African-American? White? Black-Hispanic? White Hispanic? Black-Asian? Hispanic-Asian?

29. What did Kai’s mother look like and what was her ethnicity? Is she Han Chinese mixed with other ethnic groups from China? Vietnamese and Han Chinese? Burmese and Nepalese? Just one ethnicity? I’d just like to know for fancasts since we do see pictures of Kai’s mother in Cinder.

30. How many exes does Scarlet have? Are any of them girls? How many of them has she dump and vice versa?

31. Did Michelle Benoit date anyone after Logan Tanner?

32. Is Roland from Rieux one of the hearts Scarlet has broken in life? I feel like they had a bad break up.

33. Will Scarlet get to thoroughly beat Charleson Annotel (Master Charleson, the brat who tortured Scarlet while she awaited an audience with Levana and her court) to a pulp? I don’t advocate physical discipline toward children, but for this little monster, I would.

34. Does Scarlet have any distant cousins (aside from every Lunar on Luna and Earth) that we don’t know?

35. Will it be possible to rehabilitate the soldiers of Levana’s army, or will they be forced to live separated from the rest of the populace?

I’m out of questions at the moment, but I’d ask Meyer these questions if I had a Twitter. I do wonder what everyone else thinks though.

CALLING ALL LUNARTICS! These questions are super interesting and I don’t know about you, but I’m wondering the answers to many. Snowwolf1118 doesn’t have a twitter, but if you do and you’re interested, tweet these questions to Marissa and let’s see if we can get some answers!


I’ve just finished that book and it somehow ate itself under my skin I have to get it out hrngmrgrg


I’ve just finished that book and it somehow ate itself under my skin I have to get it out hrngmrgrg


Cyborg. Lunar. Mechanic.


Cyborg. Lunar. Mechanic.


Doodling princess winter from the lunar chronicles :P #princesswinter #thelunarchronicles #arts


Doodling princess winter from the lunar chronicles :P #princesswinter #thelunarchronicles #arts


lunar girls:
cinder, scarlet, cress, winter (insp.)


Does anyone have a favourite Kai fancast?


Honestly, I will only approve of a lunar chronicle movie adaptation if and only the director will be Guillermo del Torro.

Think about it. it will be not only an awesome representation of all of the characters but the movie, the sets, oh sweet lord, the colors


Can we just imagine Lunars at the beach tho

Normal people: look shells!

Lunars: what. where. kiLL THEM ALL